Good morning, good morning! It's time to arise
and learn to be healthy, friendly and wise.
You are special, you are you,
and there are good things that we can do.
Yes, oh yes, there are things I will say
as we jump and we skip through this colorful day.
Twinkle says let's make every day special and grand!
So, get up, get up, Glo and give me your hand!

From the moment they wake up in the morning, Twinkle and Glo make positive choices!

  • Choices that steer them away from bullying, obesity, illness, school failure and dangerous strangers.
  • Choices that lead them to good nutrition, safety, fun books and good friends.
  • Choices that children make every day of their lives.

Written in a catchy, fun-to-read rhyme, "Twinkle & Glo: I am Healthy, I am Smart, and I am a Friend"” empowers children to make good choices. This unique book is the result of a collaborative effort among a pediatrician, an elementary school teacher, a principal and an anger management/bullying specialist. Find out more about Twinkle and Glo's friends...FRIENDS

This book is distributed free to 5-year-olds, and all sales profits benefit children's health, literacy and community building!
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There's lots to remember for every day.
Eat right, be safe, know the right things to say.
This day has been fun, this day has been full,
This day has been totally, awesomely cool!

“Not only did my kids respond in tangible ways to the messages shared by Twinkle and Glo, but they loved reading the rhyming text. A positive, healthy message that's fun for kids to read.
I love Twinkle and Glo!”

Jennifer Clark, Denver Mom

In a light-hearted and loving way, Twinkle and Glo teach young children important lessons about life!
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