Twinkle and Glo's Friends!

After careers in physical therapy and business, Judy Joseph now helps people publish their books. In her philanthropic activities, she volunteers for the Denver Public Library, for children with scoliosis of the spine, and for a bilingual school. She travels widely, enjoys running, and wants all kids to be healthy, be smart, and get along in the world!


Scott Johnson is a Denver cartoonist, graphic designer and swing musician,with a wife and a daughter who have both come to pretty much accept him for what he is. He’s also the author and illustrator of "Little Chrissie Kringle" and "Other Christmas Cacophony".


Stephanie Ball is a graphic designer and student at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. She’s about to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, if skiing and snowboarding don’t divert her too radically from that pesky classwork.

A pediatrician in private practice with Partners in Pediatrics in Denver, Dean Prina is the co-author of "Naturally Healthy Kids", a book which integrates conventional and holistic treatments for common illnesses of children. Dean received his medical degree from Stanford University, as well as undergraduate degrees in art history and human biology.

Elizabeth Loescher is an educator, parent, author of five books, and national lecturer on conflict and anger management. She is a pioneer in the world of alternative dispute resolution, having founded The Conflict Center in Denver. Liz is currently the Executive Director of the Georgia Conflict Center in Athens, Georgia.

Vernita Vallez fell in love with books and learning when she had her grandmother as her first grade teacher. She was principal of Escuela de Guadalupe in Denver, and is currently principal of a dual language school in Chicago. She and her husband have finished playing in the mud, building their earth bag house in the Colorado mountains.

A first grade teacher at Denver’s Lowry Elementary, Jessica Bass McCoy has written and published two illustrated children’s books—"Do You Know What Teachers Really Do After School?" and "Do You Know What Really Happens In The Teacher’s Lounge?" Jessica lives in Denver with her husband and her dog Max.

Laura Pritchett is the author/editor of five books for adults, but really had a blast writing this one for children. She lives in northern Colorado with her husband and two kids. She holds a Ph.D. in Literature from Purdue University and teaches at writing workshops around the country. You can find her at

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